I hope you will enjoy these rhyming books and the time you spend together with your young readers.  Click on the cover image if you’d like to purchase a book.

A to ZA to Z We Write The Words We See
When one letter of the Alphabet is hurt, the others letters come to the rescue. The rhyming keeps you moving through the Alphabet until at last you meet Z who comes with the universal message to “love each other”, that’s the key to complete the Alphabet from A to Z.


Come meet Kaisha Berry and her Madea too, for Kaisha gets to ride on horses just like the Texans do. The rhythm and rhyme will keep you two stepping all the way through and the love that is shared will fill your heart too. She is black and white , mixed just right, with a pinch of happiness and a spoon of delight, pretty as the sunset as it turns day to night.

Island BoyIsland Boy
Island boy is a tear jerking ,heart warming, true story of a young boy ,who lost his father at an early age ,and how he coped. Its full of hope ,and proves that dreams really can come true. This book will inspire all fathers to see how important they are to their children. This book is based on a true story about my Jamaican husband, Junior Bernard’s life as a young island boy. His love inspired me to write this story.

Amarie and Her FamilyAmarie and Her Family
Come and see Amarie and her family as she weaves her way into your hearts through delightful rhymes and the rhythms that create a melody you and your young ones will keep chanting all day long. Amarie makes the ordinary seem extraordinary, and the magic of
family always spells LOVE. Some are Asian, Black and White. But together as family they unite. Grandmas and Grandpas, white and black Gave Amarie a special knack!

Ten Babies Bouncing on My KneeTen Little Babies Bouncing on my Knee
Ten Little Babies Bouncing On My Knee is a delightful counting book that will have you bouncing through the numbers one to ten and back again. The rhythm and rhyme keeps you counting in time until you meet the surprise visitor. To get to see who this might be, you have to keep counting along with me.

Mohawk Fro or CrewMohawk Fro or Crew, It Is Up To You
My last son out of seven children, Josh, inspired me to write this book. It is all about hair and the love that is shared when a young boy wants his mother’s approval about changing his hair style to that of a mohawk. This story displays a mother’s unconditional love for her son. Regardless of what changes he goes through, she will love him forever.

Chickee Chickee Choo and Whoo Whoo WhooChickee Chickee Choo and Whoo Whoo Whoo
Chickee Chickee Chew that’s what you do, to say to someone “I love you.” This book will light up your children’s bedtime with rhythm amd rhyme, while it sets a spark of love in everyone’s heart. Children and grandparents alike will love reading this book, so come light up the dark together with this delightful tale, and see how contagious love can be.